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The Perry Desk

The Perry Desk

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Picture this. It's 1932, you live in downtown San Francisco. You operate a small private detective agency on the outskirts of China Town. It's up 3 flights of stairs at the back of an old dusty hallway, but the rent is cheap and the landlord doesn't bother you - as long as you pay on time. No you don't smoke or drink excessively like some other PIs you know. You prefer to spend your evenings at The Perry Desk reading a good book, catching up on paperwork, going over case files a chowing down on a salami sandwich from the deli down the street.

You're always amazed by how much this desk can hold and you keep finding pens, papers and even books you thought you had lost deep in the recesses of this beast. 

The best thing about it is you can hide your sandwich under the rolltop when you get a call and lock it with the key so Merv the janitor doesn't try and take a bite out of it as he so often tries to do!


  • L 4 ft x D 20 inches x H 41.5 inches
  • Solid wood construction
  • Vintage secretariat design with rolltop that you can secure & lock with included key
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