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The Pink Chiclet Dining Set

The Pink Chiclet Dining Set

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Picture this.

It's 1985 & you are visiting your Grandma in Malibu for the summer. You arrive to her house just as dusk is settling in, her bichon frise dog Terrence greets you at the bottom of the stairs & you can smell the aroma of meatloaf & potatoes emanating from the kitchen.

After you freshen up you head to the dining room where a unique looking glass/granite table & 6 pink chairs are situated. You tell your Grandma those chairs look like chiclets -  your grandma chuckles & agrees that they kind of do. You sit down to enjoy the meal & immediately notice how comfy the chairs feel. As you take your last bite, you look around the room & smile. Terrence is laying at your feet & you secretly feed him scraps, your grandma is going on about her last tennis match with her friend Dorothy & Murder She Wrote is playing quietly on the Zenith in the corner of the room. You feel happy, content & you know it's going to be a great summer.

  • 7 piece 80's dining set
  • Features 6 pink upholstered chairs, granite table base & thick beveled glass table top
  • In great condition
  • All items final sale
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