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The Pink Flamingo Credenza

The Pink Flamingo Credenza

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Is that a Pink Cadillac blasting its way from the past?!  

Why no you fool that’s The Pink Flamingo Credenza as fancy as a Mercedes Benza!   

*Men in fedoras snapping their fingers, slowly dance-walk there way towards you*

If you want furniture with style & grace, well ladies & gentleman you’ve come to the right place!

*5 minute drum solo*

Don’t wait on this deal, don’t listen to your head, just do what you feel!

It’s time to treat yourself, smash your piggy bank off of that shelf!

*2 minutes of jazz hands*

*The End*

  • Vintage MCM pink credenza with gold accents
  • Features 9 whole drawers - holy Toledo mister!
  • It’s solid, it’s sturdy, it’s clean - it ain’t dirty! 
  • H 30 x L 72 1/4 x W 18 1/4 inches
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