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The Pixar Lamp

The Pixar Lamp

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If The Pixar Lamp could talk, it wouldn't, but it would definitely sing and do you know what song it would be singing to you as you brought it home? You got a friend me, you got a friend in me - because this lamp will be your best friend. When you need to put a little light on the situation, it's there for you. When you want to stealthily read your Fifty Shades of Grey book at night when everyone is asleep - it's there to light up E.L. James' saucy text!

It's even there when you want to sneak pickles out of the fridge at night but you don't want anybody to know you are the one who keeps depleting the gherkins! Oh the horror! 

  • Retro 50s/60s look
  • Easily adjustable to light up, down, side to side & all around
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