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The Pratchett Lamp

The Pratchett Lamp

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Introducing the lamp that's so bright, it's basically like having the sun in your living room - but without the whole "solar radiation" thing. Say hello to Pratchett The Floor Lamp.

Okay we might be exaggerating a bit, this lamp casts more of a mellow soft warm glow! With this lamp in your home, you'll never have to squint while reading or strain your eyes while binge-watching your favorite shows again. That's because this bad boy has the power to light up even the darkest of spaces, and to do it with style. Dang it there we go again, getting carried away.

Anyways if you want a more than adequate mcm style lamp in your home, this guy will do the job for you!

  • Retro mcm style floor lamp
  • In good second hand condition
  • H51 inches but can be extended higher or lower depending on needs 
  • All items final sale 
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