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The Quazar Chair

The Quazar Chair

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Imagine for a moment that your a kid in the 80’s, a teenager lets say, it’s Saturday morning, you throw on some cloths, grab a piece of toast on the way out the door while your mom calls after you to be careful - you hop on your bike & meet up with your friends down at the local arcade. 

They’ve just released Ms. Pac Man & you and your friends are dying to play it! The music is loud & fresh, you’ve got your cup of arcade coins, a package of runts in your pocket to get you through the long day ahead of gaming, and your friends surrounding you - it’s gonna be a good day! 

The Quazar Chair is a reminder of those happy days, when we were care free, when life was hopefully a little bit easier - when we took time for ourselves to play & have fun with our friends! 

  • Vintage 80’s style embroidered pattern chair in great condition
  • Solid & sturdy chair
  • Please reach out if you want dimensions : ) 



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