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The Rakovnik Chairs

The Rakovnik Chairs

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Just like the name of one Franz Kafka's most famous books these chairs have gone through a metamorphosis of sorts. First off, they traveled all the way to Canada from Czecho-Slovakia back before it was even the Czech Republic.

Who knows the lives they've lived, the people who've sat on them. We did our best to preserve their beauty, by cleaning & waxing them to bring them back to life, to their former glory!

These chairs are a midcentury modern lover's dream! From their slightly bent backs, to their tasty walnut frames, to their moto - black leather like seats - they are fabulously retro! 

    • Vintage bent back wooden chairs
    • Made in 
  • Czecho-Slovakia
  • Chairs have been cleaned & waxed
  • Has small signs of wear & tear, but otherwise all are in great condition
  • Please reach out if you'd like dimensions :)
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