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The Rogue Wave Table

The Rogue Wave Table

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The Rogue Wave Table is a definite blast from the past, and when I say blast from the past I mean this is a table you would find in a 1960's bunker like the one Christopher Walken & Brendan Fraiser's characters lived, in the underrated 1999 film Blast From The Past

It has a beautiful colour, that reminds me of ocean waves, if water was made out of wood, so I guess wooden waves!

It comes with an extra leaf, so you can extend the size of this table to seat 4-6 very comfortably!

Take home this groovy table today, and make a piece of history yours! 

  • Vintage formica table with metal legs
  • Comes with extra leaf to increase size of table
  • Can seat 4-6 people comfortably
  • W 42 x H 29 1/2 inches
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