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The Rosetta Mirror

The Rosetta Mirror

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Rosetta means “splendid” in Italian which we think is a fitting name for this brassy beauty considering it is quite splendid & it’s made in Italy!

 If you want a mirror that not only stands out, but makes you feel like you are a prince or princess living in olden golden times, then this piece might just help you get into that vibe!

Oh also this mirror is a little bit famous, if you are a film nerd like I am, you’ll notice that in one of the scenes from the movie The Craft you can see this very exact mirror in the background of one of the character’s room. 

So yes this mirror is magical & and a bit of a diva - but because it’s so exquisite we think it can get away with being a bit of Prima Donna! 

This is a great piece that perfectly adds to every home decor the typical glitz, glamour and gold of Hollywood Regency style, with a nod to Art Deco decadence and Mid-Century Modern practicality, with its metallic golden accents and luscious lines and curves as expressed by iconic manufacturers such as Maison Jansen, Maison Baguès, and designers as Romeo Rega, Kelly Wearstler and Milo Baughman.

  • This is a marvellous brass full-length floor cheval mirror, manufactured in the 1980s in Italy
  • The mirror can be rotated according to the preferred angle
  • Height: 59.06 in. X Width: 16.15 in. X Depth: 15.75 in.
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