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The Court Jester Chairs (Only 2 left!)

The Court Jester Chairs (Only 2 left!)

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$125 each and there are only 2 left! 

The Court Jester Chairs
harken back to days of old, when kings & queens held court in their stone castles, where the music of the day was played on lutes & flutes, and the court jester would try his best to entertain & make the ladies & the lads laugh lest he be cast into the dungeon or worse to the lions!

 So if you want to feel like a king or queen or at the very least a noble, then take a seat in these vintage thrones, pop open Netflix & watch The Crown - you’ll feel like your right in it, right there at Buckingham Palace!

  •  Vintage throne style chair
  • Beautifully embroidered cushion & seat back fabric in great condition
  • Solid & sturdy wooden chairs
  • W 21 x SH 20 x SD x 21 x TH 44 1/2 inches
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