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The Sage Green Fireplace

The Sage Green Fireplace

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Wish you had your very own fireplace to cozy up in front of after a long day? A place where you could read your favourite book, with a cup of tea in hand? Don’t want to burn a hole in your living room floor? Well why not get yourself a 100% safe electric fireplace!

The Sage Green Fireplace is not only beautiful it’s totally functional. So you can enjoy the luxury of a fireplace without the smoke or worry of embers flying into your eyeballs!

Whether you live in a 400 sq ft bachelor suite or a bigger home - this little unit will compliment your living space with it’s sage green exquisiteness!

  • Vintage style electric fireplace
  • Everything is in perfect working order - heat, fire simulation, lights, etc.
  • Painted a lovely retro sage green distressed with a black crackle effect to make it really pop ; )
  • H 36 x L 28 X W 11 inches
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