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The Sailor's Dream Coffee Table

The Sailor's Dream Coffee Table

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You awake with a start. There is a weird creaking sound coming from outside of your bedroom, and as you put your feet on the floor and stand up you feel the room moving side to side. It's pitch black, you can't even see your hands in front of you, so you try to feel your way to the door. Your foot hits something solid, and you realize it's a set of stairs. You search for a railing, and once you find it you make your way slowly up. You look up, way up, and you see white canvas flapping in the wind against the backdrop of a black sky filled with billions and billions of stars. You realize you are on a sail boat, in the middle of the ocean, you can't even see the water, but you can feel the motion, hear the sound of the waves lapping against the hull and smell the salt in the air. It's so dark, black even, if not for the night sky filled with those astral wonders. It's almost as if you had been catapulted out into space, with the universe laid out before you in all of its mysterious splendour. Is this merely a dream? Will you awake in your bed again on land? In some city a thousand miles away? Who knows. For now just enjoy the ride.

Take home The Sailor's Dream Coffee Table today and who knows maybe you'll be having strange and adventurous dreams too!

  • H 17 x W 26 inches
  • Unique-vintage distressed beach house spool style coffee table, wrapped in manila rope 


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