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The Secret Garden Table

The Secret Garden Table

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Like something out of a fairytale The Secret Garden Tables are here to capture your imagination with their timeless beauty.

Let's pretend for a moment that you inherited a dusty old mansion off of your Great Uncle Rupert (twice removed). It's basically 10,000 square feet of decay, but locked up in the attic you find this exquisite table. There is something about it that enraptures you. Maybe it's the victorian curve of the legs or the ornamental leaves. Whatever it is you start to hear this faint whisper in your head, and as you walk closer to the tables it keeps getting louder and louder, almost as if they were talking to you, beckoning you in. As you reach out to touch one of the tables you hear the words very clearly now I must have you - who knows if it's your mind or the tables talking, who knows if it has now hypnotized you to do its bidding - but gosh darn it you are taking these tables home with you!

26 x 26 x 24
Vintage blue & black distressed look

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