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The Solid Oak Trio

The Solid Oak Trio

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The Solid Oak Trio are like some of the more famous triunes in history The Three Amigos, Peter Paul & Mary, Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward and of course Snap Crackle & Pop! They are always there for each other, to make each other look cool, and to make sure your home always looks stylish!

These tables make look small, but they are as strong as Dwayne Johnson's biceps! You can use them as display tables for all your eclectic knick knacks or even as a stool - yes they can bare the weight of a human! Don't believe me? Why not take them home and give it a try ; )

  • All 3 tables are made from solid oak
  • Big Buddy: W 21.5 inches x L 21.5 inches x H 21 inches
  • Medium Buddy: W 18 inches x L 18 inches x H 18 inches
  • Small Buddy: W 14.5 inches x L 14.5 inches x H 15 inches






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