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The Starsky Chairs - only 1 left!

The Starsky Chairs - only 1 left!

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$69 Each and there is only one left! 

The Starsky Chairs are 
as hip as a bunch of hippies in a 70’s tv cop show!

If these chairs don’t bring to mind bellbottoms, afros, paisley wide collared shirts & disco balls - then you’re crazy!

 They’ll seduce you with their retro golden velvety cushioning & vintage wooden frames! You won’t be able to resist their charms!

 Use them as funky dining room chairs or for your living room setup! 

  • Excellent condition solid maple vintage chairs
  • Features lux velvety cushioning on seat & back - oh so stylish & comfy
  • Seat Depth 16 1/2 x Seat Height 19 x Seat Width 19 - 20 x Total Height of Chair 44 inches



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