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The Vacationer Table

The Vacationer Table

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A table for those hot summer days, when it’s too hot to work, and your in daze!

You got to find some shade, to find some chill, where you can lay back and chill.

Maybe it’s on a patio in your backyard or your friend’s backyard, maybe it’s under a tree or by a lake. 

A place where you can have a cooling refreshment maybe even a drink with mint.

Finally you can relax, the heat wave has been taxing on us all.

The Vacationer Table will whisk you away to a place where there’s always shade. 

  • Oval coffee table, for indoor or outdoor use
  • Has been stained to freshen up the life & look of the piece 
  • In great condition 
  • L 39 1/2 x W 23 1/2 x H 21 1/2 inches 
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