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The Woody Cubby

The Woody Cubby

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The Woody Cubby is a simplistic wooden wonder! 

It ain’t fancy or extreme, just a cute little cubby to keep knick knacks, books & smaller plants!

You can hang it on the wall(includes hardware) -horizontally & use it like a shelf, use it as a floor cubby or stand it vertically on a dresser for extra storage - the possibilities are endless! 

  • Smaller wooden cubby with 3 compartments
  • Door is in a hinge to easily open & close
  • Hang it on the wall & use it like a shelf - hardware included
  • Use it as freestanding storage or as a small display/shelf unit
  • L 23 x W 6 1/2 x H 6 1/4 inches - Dimensions taken from the unit lying down horizontally : )
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