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The Zeppelin Table

The Zeppelin Table

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Imagine it’s the 1930’s, you are all dressed up and about to head out on a trip. You aren’t going to drive in a car, boat or train. You are going to float through the sky, above the clouds in a football shaped airship - a Zeppelin.

Everybody will be dressed to the nines, there will be cocktails, delightful little cucumber sandwiches & lovely jazz music played live by a talented quartet.

You won’t be blasting through the air like a concord, but sailing at a leisurely speed, so you can enjoy the sights below from above. Farm fields, mountains, lakes & miles & miles of forest.

Now this is true luxury, you feel like a god, you don’t want this marvellous experience to end. 

It doesn’t have to, take The Zeppelin Glass & Brass Table home with you today and keep a piece of that magical alive with you - always!

  • Vintage glass & brass side/coffee table 
  • Excellent condition
  • No noticeable scratches on glass
  • H 21 1/2 x L 27 x W 18 inches 
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