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The Champagne Supernova Armchair

The Champagne Supernova Armchair

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Okay so we get that Oasis may not be everyone's cup of tea. There were times where they definitely came off as arse-butts, but when I was a teenager learning guitar, there wasn't a band I loved more then the band that dubbed themselves bigger than the beatles.

I mean come on they had so many bangers. Wonderwall, Don't Look Back in Anger, Morning Glory, etc. My ultimate favourite Oasis song though is Champagne Supernova. I mean what does it even mean? I don't think anybody truly knows, but it's such a good karaoke song! 

Anyways, just like my favourite Oasis song, The Champagne Supernova Armchair hasnbecome my new favourite item at TFCS headquarters.

It’s super funky, not in a 70's bell-bottom way, but more in a victorian-steampunk way. It’s in good vintage condition, comfy & stylish. Basically everything you could ask for & want in a living room set.

Get yours today & chase those champagne supernova blues away. 

  • Vintage victorian style armchair in champagne colour
  • In great condition with solid wood frame that has been repainted so it’s nice and fresh and ready to impress
  • All items are final sale
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