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The Diamond Oak Room Divider

The Diamond Oak Room Divider

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The Diamond Oak Room Divider has that art-deco/art-nouveau vibe. 

One could imagine it in the corner of some New York opera singer's changing room in the 1920's. Will say her name is Mildred. A George Gershwin record is playing on the gramophone, in another corner a vanity table with an assortment of multi-coloured perfume bottles & a silk dressing gown thrown over a chair. 

In the centre of the room is a velvet sette where a curious looking man with a pencil moustache in a penguin suit smokes a cigarette. His name is Melvin and he is a dear friend of Mildred. Melvin makes a joke that makes Mildred laugh so loudly one of the Opera House ushers knocks on the dressing room door to make sure everything is okay.

This room is filled with warmth, love & joy. Maybe not always, but for these brief moments before the big show, all is right with the world. 

If you want to bring some of that antique magic into your home, you can't go wrong with this beauty!

  • Antique oak room divider
  • Circa 1920/1930s
  • In great condition
  • Please reach out if you'd like dimensions :)



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