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The Green Acres Table

The Green Acres Table

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Imagine for a second you live on a small farm in the northwest with your family. You get up at 5:30 every morning and spend your days tending to your three sheep, two cows & your one eyed chicken name cyclops. The work is hard and the days are long, but you get a good work out and of course you get to spend your days with your family. Being outdoors and breathing in all that fresh air is nice too - even if you get the occasional whiff of manure. When evening hits, you all tumble into your brick farmhouse, like ravenous wolves ready to eat whatever is in sight. You all take turns making dinner, tonite it was Tilly's turn (the youngest) to make food. It looks like a mash up between spaghetti and potato salad, but it smells good and everyone is so hungry, so you all sit down at the kitchen table and start feasting. There's food flying, dishes being passed around as if it were a sport, and of course lots of conversation and laughter. You pause for a second in the chaos to look around and smile. You feel love and gratitude for everything and everyone you have in your life. 

This is what it feels like to sit around The Green Acres Table. 

  • Rustic Green Kitchen Table with white paint accents
  • W 28.5 inches x L 28.5 inches x H 29.5 inches



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