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The Green Bean Chair

The Green Bean Chair

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Don't you wish you had a chair that you can lean back in, put your hands on your head and say such things like I have a great idea or What if we did it this way - well now you can with The Green Bean Chair!

This baby is the brainstorming machine, once you lean back into it, the world is your oyster. You'll be coming up with so many new & great ideas - you'll make Albert Einstein look like Pee wee Herman! 

  • Features comfy & 70s style material
  • This baby doesn't recline, but you better believe it swivels!
  • Upholstery has been meticulously cleaned, so it may look vintage but not smell vintage ;)
  • There are no rips, stains or damage of any kind - this baby is in spearmint condition!
  • Arm to arm 26 inches in width 

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