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The Grey Aviator Sofa Bench

The Grey Aviator Sofa Bench

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This one of a kind, custom made bench reminds me of vintage airplane seats. Don’t ask me why, but maybe it’s the neutral grey colour that’s kind of timeless.

So if you are experiencing a bit of cabin fever from the lack of travel these days, just hop on one of these bench/sofas and imagine you are flying high above the earth - gliding through the clouds. The fasten your seatbelt sign turns off, you look out your window at the marshmallow clouds slowing turning pink as the sun sets -  reminding you of cotton candy. The stewardess asks if you’d like the chicken or the fish and you smile and say “the chicken please”. You flip through the channels on the small seat back tv and start watching “It’s a wonderful life” with good old Jimmy Stewart. You lean your seat back, sigh with content and nestle in. Life is good at 40,000 feet. 

  •  Retro metal & high quality top of the line genuine grey leather sofa bench
  • In great condition, strong & sturdy, with minimal signs of wear/tear
  • L 48 1/4 x H 25 x W 28 inches
  • Seat Height 18 1/2 x 21 inches 



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