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The Ingrid Armchairs

The Ingrid Armchairs

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We have a total of 2 in stock & they are $199 each.

The Ingrid Chair is a special kind of chair.

Made in Canada in the 1960’s/1970’s from solid walnut these beauties have seen a thing or two and they still got a lot of life left in them! 

If you are into MCM/teak style you’ll love these beauties!

We’ve waxed the arms, legs & frames to make the walnut really sparkle - you can almost see your reflection in them now!

Oh not only are they super duper stylish but they are quite comfy as well!

So take these brothers home with you today and make them a part of your furniture family! 

  • Great condition vintage Henderson chairs, made from solid walnut & naugahyde
  • Made in Canada
  • Frame has been waxed with natural beeswax & orange oil
  • width between arms 18 1/2 x Seat height from floor 18 x Arm height from floor 25 3/4 x Total height of chair 32 inches

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