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The Plumtootin' Teak Chair

The Plumtootin' Teak Chair

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It's 1946, WWII has just ended, you're done with fighting, you want to truly live, to create, you want to be the actor/actress you always dreamed you could be. So here you are sitting on The Plumtoon' Teak Style Chair at your first audition, nervous as a snowman in spring, waiting for them to call your name so you can try out for that mint part in that off broadway play that your friend Stanley told you about. You hear them call your name, you take a deep breathe, stand up and walk through the door into the audition room. You got this - the world is your oyster! Was it the chair that just whispered those words of encouragement or just your imagination?

Who knows, but one could say having these chairs in your home will definitely create a positive vibe!


  • Vintage solid wood construction
  • Made in Canada
  • Comfortable & soft retro plum material
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