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The Silver Sands Rattan Stools

The Silver Sands Rattan Stools

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It's 1974, you are on the road, driving in your 73' cutlass supreme, fall has just arrived, the leaves have started to turn, the air is crisp & with it comes that sweet autumn smell.

Life is good, and you fell happy.

You pull into the Silver Sands Roadside Motel, your friend Margey told you about it, clean rooms, friendly staff & a killer all you can eat breakfast buffet.

After you get settled in your room, take a hot bath, you head down to the lounge to listen to a quartet playing some stellar jazz, you sidle up to the bar, & as you sit in one of the stools, you immediately notice how comfy it is. You look down & notice the unique look of them, bent wooden frame with cozy oatmeal coloured upholstery. You ask the bartender "hey buddy what are these made of" he says something called rattan and that they are all the rage now. You think to yourself I gotta get me one of these, they would look so good in my pad. 

  • Vintage MCM rattan swivel stool with oatmeal tweed style fabric
  • All stools are in excellent condition
  • Seat Height 25 1/4 x Seat Width 19 inches


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