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The Fender Bench

The Fender Bench

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Don't you wish you had a place to sit like a civilized human being while you were putting on your shoes? Aren't you tired of squatting like a barbarian or trying to balance on one foot like some crazed, over-sized flamingo while struggling to put on your Birkenstocks and blundstones?! Well you should be!

The Tweed Shoe bench is here to lend a hand in helping you slip into your foot coverings easier and add some retro class to your home. Because nothing screams retro more then tweed & baby blue!

  • Handmade by us at That Funky Cornershop
  • Adjustable legs so you can make it higher or lower depending on your needs - I wish I could do that with my legs, I could finally become the basketball player I always dreamed I could be!
  • 100% Tweed Covering with soft cushioning for your booty!
  • W 2ft x H 21 inches x D 12.5 inches



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